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Pinar Ogun

Director, Founder of @beawareproductions Actress represented by Shepherd Management. After graduating from Bilkent University department of music and performing arts in Ankara/Turkey, Pinar Ogun moved to London to continue her acting training at LAMDA. She has been working as a professional actress since 2004 internationally both on stage and screen. Pinar founded Be Aware Productions in January 2015, to produce innovative performing, and audio-visual, art works.


Exhibit - FILM


Exhibit is Pinar Ogun’s first short film, insipred by a short play by Meltem Arikan.

Mi Minor - THEATRE

Mi Minor

Mi Minor was a play that was set in a country called Pinima: freedom in a box deMOCKracy.

Enough is Enough - THEATRE

Enough is Enough

Enough is Enough is a play about violence against women in the form of a gig, an all-female band with a gritty directness.

     TURKAN - FILM          


TURKAN is a production company founded in January 2015 by actress and director Pinar Ogun to create innovative performing and audio-visual art works.

Partners in Crime - FILM

Partners in Crime

Agatha Christie's crime-fighting duo, Tommy and Tuppence Beresford, solve mysteries and search for enemy spies in 1950s Britain.

Scenes From 68 - THEATRE

Scenes From 68

Scenes From 68 is an epic snapshot of life in Palestine, then and now.



Shepherd Management
Shepherd Management
Shepherd Management

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